gregory james cover art

Produced by Paco Higdon and Josh Karpowicz at Tuxedo Avenue Recording Studio

Lead Vocals and Guitar by Montgomery Day

Drums and Backing Vocals by Joe Neminski

Bass and Backing Vocals by Rhett Yocom

Keys by Colton Ray Philips

Written by Montgomery Day


Gregory James filled out his name for the very last time,
For forty years he made it clear he didn’t have the time,
Too busy to get away, I’ll get to it another day,
One thing left to say when his time finally came,
Please remember me

Cecil B. Demille had gotten quite a thrill,
The fortune and fame that came had left a hole to fill,
I’ve got too much to lose and what you sow you sow for you.
Now that I have made my way I know that I can say
They’ll remember me

The constant clicking of the clock
Time goes on and never stops
You won’t stay young forever
Time goes on and you’ll surrender
Maybe we should spend our time a little bit…

Gregory James filled out his name for the first time.
Looking at his life and the long long latter to climb.
I’ll reach the top one day and then I’ll have the time to play
One thing that I know for sure once I seize the day
They’ll remember me

Liner Notes:

This was an interesting song to write because it was the only song I wrote during the Covid-19 Pandemic. I woke up with the melody in my head and I knew that my old band’s song ‘Unwritten’ would have the perfect chords underneath. I just needed to write the lyrics.

It’s funny how I had this whole pandemic to write as much as I could and I didn’t write a goddamn thing except this one song but also I wrote it on the one day in the pandemic that I was super busy. I was getting the tires on my car replaced and looking for a new job using my newly acquired web development skills (hence what you’re looking at right now! heyyooo!)

I was sitting at the Arby’s next to Belle Tire munching on a roast beef sandwich when… ‘Gregory James, filled out his name…’ popped into my head. I was off to the races and finished it all that same day. A few days later I brushed it up and we had a complete song.

We had also recently added Rhett Yocom and Colton Ray to the band and I needed a song to break them in with so this was the perfect one to do it but ALSO there was this awesome project to try out my friend Paco’s new studio Tuxedo Avenue. In a way, Gregory James was the warm up to American Odyssey.