Loxodon band

One band leading the rock revival is…Flint-special Loxodon (pronounced Locks-o-don). Imagine the innovative, thumping buzz of The White Stripes, the hard rock science of the Black Keys, the rock jazz stylings of Steely Dan and the raucous funk energy of Sly & The Family Stone delivered in what can only be described as a stampede of sound.

Peter Hinterman at My City Magazine

Montgomery Day and Joseph Neminski met in the Michigan music scene where they both admired each other’s work. After Monty’s band split up and Joe ended his brief hiatus from the music industry they decided to start a band together which they later named ‘Loxodon’ after the popular card from Magic the Gathering.

Loxodon has made several releases all to overwhelmingly positive acclaim. “No one is doing what we are doing.” Monty says. “We say we are an Alternative Rock band but really we are just a ‘whatever we feel like we want to do’ band.”

Monty brings the voice and the songs whereas Joe brings the virtuosity with his drums and the arrangements. “We’ve got like a yin-yang thing going.” Joe says. “It works well.”

Loxodon isn’t going anywhere and you can expect to see them playing at the world famous Machine Shop and other surrounding Michigan venues and festivals. They regularly update their website with news, shows and blogs maintained by front man Monty Day.

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