Why Pop Music Doesn’t Suck

pop music doesn't suck

A few months ago I posted an opinion blog that got wayyy more attention than I could ever anticipated.

I stand by every last word of it however I had no idea all the ways in which people could misunderstand what I was trying to say. Honestly, it was a big learning experience for me.

If you would like to read the entire blog click here.

If you don’t want to read it, in a nutshell my argument was that Pop music (as in ‘Popular’ not Teenie-Bopper or whatever) is popular because it appeals to the lowest-common denominator which increases it’s numbers and profitability but at the cost of making it generally bland, predictable and basically… not as good as it could easily otherwise be.

In other words, pop music ‘sucks’ because it tries to make everybody happy.

It does this by design. So by design it cannot be tailored to your tastes unless all you listen to is pop. It’s only allowed do things everyone likes which is why there are soooo many gd pops songs by attractive people singing about how they want to have sex with you. Who the crap doesn’t want to hear that?

Rather than appealing to individual taste or trying something interesting or different they do the same thing over and over because they need to know it will sell. I’m honestly surprised that this is controversial at all.

Pop music doesn’t suck.

It’s not pop music’s fault. It’s your fault because you’re a disappointment to us all and generally could be a better person all-around.

Of course I don’t actually mean that. Honeyboo, you know I love you and I’m also not saying pop music is easy to make either. A lot of pop stars have made some incredibly good music. It’s really difficult to do that. Make good music and also have mass appeal but mass appeal does not mean it’s good like how all yams are sweet potatoes but not all sweet potatoes are yams.

If there is anything I’m trying to say it’s this:

Listen to whatever you want to listen to.

Monty Day

There is absolutely nothing in the world wrong with listening or liking or even obsessing over pop music. Another point about pop isn’t even about the quality of the music itself but it’s importance in culture overall. It’s another thing to talk about aside from sports which for dorks like me that’s a pretty cool thing.

One of these days I’m gonna learn how to end these things.

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