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New Loxo-Discord Server

As Facebook keeps changing for the worse and Twitter keeps… well NOT changing at all, it feels like a platform has finally coalesced that offers what we’ve wanted this whole time.

To help us connect with friends, without all the bullshit. That’s what we’ve always wanted and it looks like Discord are the one’s who are going to give it to us.

As you can probably imagine, it’s always been a challenge getting the word out about our music. Especially when everyone is clamoring to get you to listen to their ‘new track’. Trends come and go and although we won’t be abandoning our other social media pages, we all feel strongly that Discord is the way forward for us.

One day, Joe Neminski… the genius that he is casually said, “Hey, we should start a Discord Server.” And then it was so…

Join Our Discord Server by Clicking Here!

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